Manchester Terror Attack 💔

I can’t sit hit here and write paragraphs about how I’m feeling because I can’t express it without getting angry, sad, emotional and then giving up. This week saw Manchester being attacked by terrorists and then targeting the most vulnerable people. Maybe this time it’s hit me harder than normal because it’s happened in the north west of England and that’s where I’m from. Maybe … Continue reading Manchester Terror Attack 💔

To heel or not to heel.. There’s actually no question! 

After seeing the uproar on my television a few months ago about the apparent need to wear heels in the office, I went straight into disappointment mode. For those that don’t know, Nicola Thorp who worked for a finance firm was sent home from work without pay all because she had flat shoes on. Yes, that’s right- flat shoes. I mean, can you imagine the horror? … Continue reading To heel or not to heel.. There’s actually no question!