Take a look in my suitcase! 🌞🛫🌎

It’s time! This time tomorrow, me and my lovely other half will be sunning it up in Croatia! Really excited to share with you all my travels, my thoughts and lots of pictures! Yesterday and today has been spent packing and buying last minute little bits. I spent yesterday morning in front of the mirror trying on some new clothes to find that I’d bought … Continue reading Take a look in my suitcase! 🌞🛫🌎

No greys allowed 🚫❌💇🏻

Let’s face it, the morning you wake up, brush your locks and see a shiny piece of grey hair sitting right on your perfectly parted scalp..it ain’t gonna be your best day.  I’m 26 in a couple of months and I currently have pretty clear and obvious grey roots. Not all over, just the few here and there but they are wirey little buggers and … Continue reading No greys allowed 🚫❌💇🏻