Unicorn me up! 

I’m not big into crazes. In fact, I’m one of those people who deliberately tries not to like something because it’s the ‘new thing’ and then ends up liking it once it’s sort of old news. The exception to the rule however? Unicorns.  Let’s face it, these magical creatures make us all feel princessy again like we did when we were younger and obviously unicorns … Continue reading Unicorn me up! 

Take a look in my suitcase! 🌞🛫🌎

It’s time! This time tomorrow, me and my lovely other half will be sunning it up in Croatia! Really excited to share with you all my travels, my thoughts and lots of pictures! Yesterday and today has been spent packing and buying last minute little bits. I spent yesterday morning in front of the mirror trying on some new clothes to find that I’d bought … Continue reading Take a look in my suitcase! 🌞🛫🌎

5 Reasons Why You Should Clothes Swap!

So recently, I’ve done a bit of clothes swapping. It hasn’t necessarily been swapping one item for another but more just seeing who may like some of the clothes I would normally be throwing away or giving to charity shops. I always try and give to charity shops however when some things are just worn out, I know they wouldn’t be able to resell.  After … Continue reading 5 Reasons Why You Should Clothes Swap!