Restaurant Review: The Pheasant Inn, Heathrow 🍴🍔

Hello and a happy Sunday to all!  My list of things I want to blog about is growing as quickly as I’m eating the packet of crisps sitting next to me. So pretty darn quick then!  I wanted to share with you one of my favourite restaurants because I think reviews are really helpful but also because I like to give credit where credit is … Continue reading Restaurant Review: The Pheasant Inn, Heathrow 🍴🍔

Holidays with food allergies/IBS 

It’s so easy to write blog posts about the beautiful things in life; the places you’ve visited on holidays, the sights you have seen and the memories you have made. I’ve decided to write this blog post in a rather different light, that light being about holidays as a sufferer of IBS and food allergies. It’s not easy! In fact it’s something that plays on … Continue reading Holidays with food allergies/IBS