Hello all & welcome to The Scribbly Doodle. 

My name is Sophie and I’m a 24 year old day dream believer. Having written a blog previously when on my travels around the world, I felt it was time to get back into the swing of things.

I love to write. Its my therapy. It completes me.

As cringe as that sounds, its true. I have recently rejoined the gym and I feel great and so does my body however I knew there was something missing. Writing is my thing and whereas an hour session on the cross-trainer is good for your muscles and general health, writing is good for my brain and my heart.

I had to have a good think about what I wanted to write about and that’s where I found my first hurdle. I cannot pin my thoughts down to just one thing- therefore, this blog is about everything and anything! When I’m daydreaming about my goals in life and general nonsense, I often find myself doodling and scribbling things down. That’s why I thought it would be best to use this blog as a scribble pad. It may be that nobody reads it however I know it will make me happy to start writing again.

I’m planning on writing about everything from breaking news pieces to my reviews on make-up all and everything in between. I would love to chat with other bloggers and learn from you so please feel free to leave any comments.

Thats Me- All Scribbled Out x


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