A poem for my love ❤️

I absolutely love to write poetry. It makes me feel calm and I love sharing my poems with others, this particular one is for my boyfriend who I just adore, I read it to him a few days ago and he smiled he whole way through. Excited to write some more shortly! 

My love ❤️

His sorrow eyes, he feels my pain 

He knows I’ve eaten chocolate again

Temptation too strong, allergy kicked in

Yet he still nurses my pain within 
I moved for him, from north to south

I trusted the words that came from his mouth

‘It’s forever and always for me and you’

And so our love just flourished and grew
We bought a place, we made it home

We travelled all over from Australia to Rome

We’ve had our fights, now that’s for sure

But they are fuelled by our love, a love that is pure
He thinks it’s his eyes, that I love most

They are brilliant in colour, fiery almost

But if there’s one thing I couldn’t live without 

It’s his heartfelt smile, about that there’s no doubt 
He’s a man of knowledge with a passion to learn 

He’s proud of his work, of every penny he earns

He’s a real gent, it runs through his veins

He’s a positive thinker, he never complains 
As I write about my love, I feel my heart grin 

That wonderful feeling of butterflies within 

A love so strong built on trust and respect 

Each of us flawed but to each other perfect. 
All Scribbled Out ❤️


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