Manchester Terror Attack 💔

I can’t sit hit here and write paragraphs about how I’m feeling because I can’t express it without getting angry, sad, emotional and then giving up. This week saw Manchester being attacked by terrorists and then targeting the most vulnerable people. Maybe this time it’s hit me harder than normal because it’s happened in the north west of England and that’s where I’m from. Maybe … Continue reading Manchester Terror Attack 💔

A trip to Hampton Court Palace 👑🌷🌺🌸

Happy Saturday everyone!  Not sure about you all but today’s weather has been super bizarre. Rain this morning, then went dry, then sunshine but windy and now glorious? I can’t cope! I find it really hard to make any plans with the weather at the moment as you just don’t know what to do and how to prepare for the rain.  My boyfriend had a … Continue reading A trip to Hampton Court Palace 👑🌷🌺🌸

10 Reasons why you should travel..🌎🛫

So I completely understand that not everyone is in a position to travel the world- everyone has lives that revolve around a lot of responsibility however your time to travel arise itself as an opportunity at any stage of your life. For some, it will be an adventure after education and before entering the world of work. For others, it may be a career break … Continue reading 10 Reasons why you should travel..🌎🛫

Wanderlust at home 🌎🙋🏻❤️🛫

Happy Bank Holiday! Love having this extra day off- complete chill day for for me so thought I’d share with you a new focus piece in our apartment!  After our travelling trip, we have serious travelling blues even though it was a few years ago. We have booked a new holiday to Dubrovnik but I felt it would be nice to have a constant reminder … Continue reading Wanderlust at home 🌎🙋🏻❤️🛫