Get to know: The Allergy ChefΒ 

Hello and Happy Friday!  I’m super excited to start my new feature on my blog which is called ‘Get to know’. I have loved spending the past few months learning about amazing brands, some more built up and some start up companies. I think it’s best that we can use social media to help grow businesses however that only comes with one major challenge- competition. … Continue reading Get to know: The Allergy ChefΒ 

Competition time! 🍾😘

Hello you lovely lot.  Time for a competition me thinks. I have recently been using my Worklife Balance Planner to organise my blogging life, my work life AND my personal life. Wooh, sounds exhausting right? Nope! Not with this beaut planner, makes my life so much easier.  So I wanted to share it with you and give you the opportunity to win one! That’s right- … Continue reading Competition time! 🍾😘

Review: Shit-Faced Shakespeare!Β 

Okay okay okay- I thought the same? What on earth is it and what can I expect?  We’d had a weekend planned with some friends for some time and we wanted to do something a bit different and at the last minute, the text came through. ‘Hey guys, just seen tickets for Shit-Faced Shakespeare- fancy it?’  Straight away, I was on my phone googling and … Continue reading Review: Shit-Faced Shakespeare!Β 

Review: Worklife Balance Planners

Good evening/almost night to my fellow bloggers!  I’ve had the toughest week after receiving some bad news and although I’m feeling slightly more positive now, I felt everything was all over the place and that I was, bit by bit, losing control of some things. Luckily this week, I also received my new planner so in perfect timing, I could write everything down and feel … Continue reading Review: Worklife Balance Planners

Quotes to live by πŸ™ŒπŸ»

So I often search for quotes on google images and these searches are normally when I’m feeling strong emotions of some sort. It could be anger after an argument, motivational quotes on a Monday morning or something to tell me to challenge myself. So yeah, mood dependent. My normal routines goes like this…  Search for a good strong quote Find said quote and post it … Continue reading Quotes to live by πŸ™ŒπŸ»

Restaurant Review: The Pheasant Inn, Heathrow πŸ΄πŸ”

Hello and a happy Sunday to all!  My list of things I want to blog about is growing as quickly as I’m eating the packet of crisps sitting next to me. So pretty darn quick then!  I wanted to share with you one of my favourite restaurants because I think reviews are really helpful but also because I like to give credit where credit is … Continue reading Restaurant Review: The Pheasant Inn, Heathrow πŸ΄πŸ”

Those little things ❀️

I’ve been with my boyfriend for what will be 8 years in November. We met during the first weeks of University, caught each other’s eyes, had our first kiss whilst watching the the film ‘Elf’ and the rest is history.  We got through the dramas of university with every other person having their opinion on our relationship and the spouts of jealousy within clubs. Okay … Continue reading Those little things ❀️

Unicorn me up!Β 

I’m not big into crazes. In fact, I’m one of those people who deliberately tries not to like something because it’s the ‘new thing’ and then ends up liking it once it’s sort of old news. The exception to the rule however? Unicorns.  Let’s face it, these magical creatures make us all feel princessy again like we did when we were younger and obviously unicorns … Continue reading Unicorn me up!Β